Medicare Part A RUG Utilization

CMS has released the 2015 skilled nursing public use files. That's not a typo for those of you new to CMS data. 2015 really is the latest data we have access to. It's slightly better than nothing. I will be doing in-depth analysis of the data in the coming days. If you have a specific question you'd like to know about, please contact me.

Most Used RUG

What RUG do you think is the most common for Part A residents of skilled nursing facilities? If you said RUB, you'd be right nearly all the time. Only 11 states and Puerto Rico have a most used RUG other than RUB. (Alaska is RHB, Hawaii is RUB, Puerto Rico is CB1.)

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Percent of Part A Patients in Therapy

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Nearly every state is above 90% of Med A residents in rehab. (Hawaii is 92.6% and Alaska is 83.5%.)

Percent of Therapy Patients in Ultra-High

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74.6% of the residents in therapy in New Jersey are in the ultra-high category. I'm sure no one is more surprised than Florida. Alaska is the lowest at 13.7%. (Hawaii is 58.8% and Puerto Rico is 30.3%)