software development

After more than 15 years experience developing software for business, I have worked on a lot of different projects. The products below are projects I played a significant role in developing. If you have a software project you'd like to develop contact me and let's talk it over.



BRRiT is a training tool that delivers your training materials directly to users' mobile phones. Users get a simple text message with a link to a customized training program. BRRit will automatically re-train on periodically. You can easily see potential areas for retraining and manage the entire thing from your mobile phone or desktop.



MDSMax was a documentation tool for nursing homes. It was unique in that it was designed to closely follow the ADL coding suggestions from the CMS RAI Manual. Not surprisingly, it resulted in very accurate ADL scores that easily pass audits. Somewhat surprisingly, it also resulted in higher ADL scores which positively impact revenues. 



TheraStat was a complete therapy management system for the skilled nursing setting. It included modules for home health, denials management and sophisticated management tools. TheraStat included more than 40 reports and interfaced with more than 20 different billing systems.

TheraStat was developed using Microsoft technologies including .NET and SQL Server.



ZipFill was a fully automatic notification system. With just a few taps on a user's phone, a prioritized list of replacement workers could be contacted by SMS or voice. The right replacement worker is always found quickly and the user is notified once the process is complete.

This application utilized PHP, JQuery and MySQL. It also utilized the latest in SMS technology and convenient credit card billing. This entire business was automated from sign-ups to billing, including sending financial statements to the owner via SMS and email.