Put my 15 years of Medicaid and Medicare experience to work for you! During my career I've:

  • Created RUG classification software for RAC auditors
  • Created ADL software that resulted in increases in more than $12 PPD!
  • Created a complete therapy management system including:
    • Denials Management
    • Part B Optimization
    • Clinical Documents

medicaid analysis

For a limited time, I am offering FREE on-site Medicaid Analysis! We'll:

  • Look at your latest Medicaid data from the state of North Carolina
  • Compare your facility to others in your area (or other facilities that you pick)
  • Compare your ADL scoring to other facilities
  • Compare Medicare Part A case-load with other facilities
  • Talk about YOUR reimbursement!


  • Find out how other facilities get better reimbursement with similar caseloads
  • See how you compare to that "other" facility
  • See how the most successful facilities do things.
  • Optional - We'll review your therapy contract and invoices to see how good (or bad) a deal you're getting



customized analysis

Your facility isn't exactly like any other facility. Geography, demographics and location of admission sources all play a role in your success. I can help you maximize your chances of success. 

I can also help you find the right therapy provider for your needs or the best software for tracking your ADLs

Please hurry, the free part of the offer is time limited. It expires on August 11, 2017! Contact me today!

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