Technology for Efficiency

medicaid analysis

Understanding reimbursement under Medicaid case-mix rules can be very complicated. Understanding how a change in rehab or nursing might effect your reimbursement is even tougher. Let me help! I can use sophisticated simulation techniques to help give you a glimpse of the future.

Computer vision

Take advantage of the latest technology to accomplish your goals. Computer vision used to be out of reach for most applications dues to cost. That isn't the case any more!

report automation

Streamline your reporting process! Have your reports delivered where you want, when you want with minimal human interaction. Excel? Google Sheets? CSV? databases? No problem.

Text Messaging

Would you like to be able to check on your business with a simple text message? How about contact all of your "VIP" customers to tell them about a great special you are running? Any text message idea you can come up with, we can build for you! 

Artificial Intelligence

Create a personal digital assistant to take orders from customers. Use SMS, Twitter or Facebook.