Medicaid Analysis

Wouldn't it be great if you could estimate the financial impact of changing the way you deliver care to your patients BEFORE you make a change? We do Medicaid simulations that can tell you what is most likely to happen given your specific patient population. 

Most likely CMI increase is 0.0574

Most likely CMI increase is 0.0574


Every therapy company you talk to tells you how they will pick up more patients and how great it will be for your case-mix and bottom line. How can you know what the impact will really be? We can do a complete analysis, including Monte Carlo simulations using your current patient population, case-mix, rates and proposed rates. Armed with that knowledge you can evaluate whether a therapy provider change is really worth the headache.

If you're a therapy provider, show up armed with simulation results that show you've done your homework. Build confidence by pointing to actual data. Nothing shows that you understand the business more than an in-depth analysis, complete with case-mix changes. Be the expert, have more to talk about!

ADL Tracking Changes

How many software vendors try to tell you "our software will improve your ADL coding, which leads to higher reimbursement"? They want to offset the expense of software with a hard to quantify future benefit which may never materialize.

Now you can simulate an average ADL increase using your patient population and see the most likely change in case-mix. Armed with data, you can negotiate from a position of strength.


  • Software changes
  • Training programs
  • Coding tools
One point of average ADL increase is likely worth 0.0936 points of case-mix

One point of average ADL increase is likely worth 0.0936 points of case-mix


Any Item on MDS

This powerful analysis technique can help you evaluate and quantify proposed changes in your care delivery.

  • Changes in Population Depression
  • Respiratory Therapy Programs
  • More