Keep a Close Watch on Your Business, No Matter Where You Are

Sometimes you just need to know and you don't want to wait for a call back from accounting. We can design and build you a system that will allow you to find out exactly what is going on now, whether now means 10 am on a Wednesday or 2 am Sunday morning.

How does it work?

Good question! The answer is that it depends on your situation. If you'd like to talk it over and see what would be involved then contact us today!

We can even do custom calculations for you on the fly!

Check the vital statistics of your business any time

Fill those seats on demand

Using Texting to Accomplish Your Business Goals

Imagine being able to send a message directly to your most valuable customers, any time you want. Announce a special, invite guests to a private party or build your own rewards program. We're here to make it happen!

How does it work?

Glad you asked! For customers who want to be able to send text messages to customers, no on-site equipment is needed. We would develop code to meet your needs, deploy it on our servers, provision a phone number for you and you are ready to go! 

Have your customers register for updates and you send out messages by sending text messages from your phone to our servers. We'll even provide training if you need it.

Be Notified of Downtime by Your Equipment, Not Your Customers

Why don't failures occur during normal business hours? We don't know, but we know you need to find out as quickly as possible. Nearly any event you can monitor can be used to generate a text message to the person(s) who most need to get it.

Always after hours...